Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong is a traditional chinese game of skill which is played by four players,Mahjong is now a very popular game in all over the world,especially in asian, In HongKOng,Mahjong plays a very implort role in people's social activity,for instance,During a birthday party,guests play Mahjong after a dinner, Chinese play mahjong as a gambling game, Which means mahjong is played for money,not for fun itself ,It is still beyong my key why chinese love mahjong gambling so much.,According to study ,20% of divoces are mahjong-related in China, why,the reason is very simple , When a family member (wife or husband) is addicted to mahjong gambling,he or she will spent lessen time with family member, If a member of the family losed a huge sums of money, no doubt there is a family finance probelm .

The Mahjong set

The basic Mahjong set has 136 tiles, which contains 36 distinct kinds of tiles (4 of each kind). There are three suits, which runs from one to nine.

Mahjong bamboos tiles (bamboos tile is called suo in chinese which means string ,in ancient china ,round copper with a hole in the center is used as money ,and people put a string through round coppers )

Mahojong Characters tiles

Mahjong Dots tiles

Mahjong Dragon tiles

dragon gree is called facai in chinese which means getting rich,

dragon white is called baiban in chinese which means nothing or poor,

dragon red is called HongZhong in chinese ,Hong meas red, Zhong means center, Zhong also means China ,because China is called ZhongGuo in chinese ,Guo means nation, Chinese have called their country as center of the world for centeries.

Mahjong Wind tiles

Chinese think wind plays a very import role in daily life,You must know somting about the famous chinese FunShui ,Fun means wind ,Shui means water, so you can call FunShui "the art of the wind and water "

wind tiles include windeast windsouth windwest windnorth

Mahjong season tiles

There are four season tiles spring ,summer ,autumn,winter,People believe There is "Qi" in nature world in china ,Qi is a kind of energy that maintain human body healthy,There is diffrent Qi in diffrent season. Two basic Qi are Ying Qi and Yang Qi .When Ying Qi and Yang Qi are balanced ,you are became ill.It's said that Yang Qi is heavy in summer,and Yi Qi is heavy in winter in chinese traditionalmedicinal book.

Mahjong Flower tiles

There four Flower tiles, plum ,orchid,chrysanthemum,bamboo.

Chinese love Plum,orchid,chrysanthemum,bamboo so much that they call the four flowers as four gentelmen in all flowers