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Amoxil generic reviews and testimonials

  • SS
    Susanne Sanders
    Verified review

    We are taking Amoxil for sinuses infection and cold. It works perfectly fine for me, but other people in our household are not so keen on using it, because it has a slight allergy-like effect. It doesn’t bother me at all, though.

  • AD
    Arthur Dent
    Verified review

    Hi! I’ve been avoiding dentists for over 15 years now. I had these awful shipwrecks in my mouth for so long. I just kept on procrastinating and just left them unattended. I am surprised, actually, it took this long, but all of a sudden the pain just shot through my skull one night. The entire left side of my face has swollen, and it was very painful to swallow. I did not consult my doctor I just took some Amoxil that my roommate had. The trip to the dentist is still ahead of me, though. Wish me luck if you read this.

  • EM
    Elaine Manning
    Verified review

    I was given Amoxil to treat flu-like symptoms. I was sure it was covid again, but the symptoms largely disappeared within 3 days. My throat was slightly harsh a little while afterwards, but that was it

  • AJ
    Amber Johnson
    Verified review

    Amoxil worked perfectly well for me and for my kids. It treats everything, from acne to cold, to all other kinds of infections, you name it. It is much better than most penicillin based drugs on the market.

  • CC
    Cindy Clarke
    Verified review

    I was given Amoxil to help fight off abscesses in my wisdom tooth. If there were side effects, I was not aware of any

  • AO
    Ali Omar
    Verified review

    Hello! I thought I was infected with COVID-19, but after I was tested, it was just a bronchial infection. I was prescribed Amoxil 500 mg for 7 days. It was making me a little sick, but I noticed positive results within the first 2 days of taking it

  • DO
    Dane Owen
    Verified review

    My family doctor recommends Amoxil as the best treatment for bacterial infections.

  • JR
    Jayde Russell
    Verified review

    Amoxil is the best antibiotic that I know. It may cause some unpleasant issues, so be careful with the dosage and make sure you follow your family doctor’s advice

  • HK
    Harper Kent
    Verified review

    I am prescribed Amoxil alongside with some other meds to help with my asthma. It works fine, but I wonder if it would have the same effect on its own

  • CM
    Cameron Moore
    Verified review

    I was prescribed Amoxil for severe acne issues. It did take a while until the change has become visible, I nearly lost my patience with it, but I was happy with the results afterwards

  • AB
    Alex Bray
    Verified review

    I have often used Amoxil for post therapy after dental work. It prevents infection and eases the swelling.

  • SH
    Stanley Hill
    Verified review

    I began experiencing symptoms of common cold and kinda left it run its course, but it then turned into an ear infection and sinusitis altogether. I have used Amoxil prior to this, and it worked great. It does make me a little edgy for some reason, so I take it at the start of the day not to ruin my sleep.

  • ES
    Erin Stewart
    Verified review

    I am recovering from an ear infection. It has been over 5 days since I started taking Amoxil. It begins to subside slowly. Seems to be working, just as it was explained to me at the doctors

  • LY
    Laura Young
    Verified review

    I was on this medication for sinus infection for about 3 days. But I could not stand the dizziness, plus it gave me some digestive problems. Unfortunately, this one is not for me. Other members of my family have used it for symptoms of cold, and it works well with them, so I keep it in my medicine cabinet

  • LS
    Logan Stevens
    Verified review

    I began taking Amoxilin 250 mg last week for sinusitis. I felt much better by the end of the week. Was feeling a little weak, but not sure if it was because of the med

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