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Stromectol generic reviews and testimonials

  • FH
    Filip Hays
    Verified review

    I took Stromectol for Covid-19. I first got sick with it in the summer of 2020 and it was terrible. I was in the hospital and I felt very bad. And a month ago, I again had these symptoms and was waiting for the worst. But I already had some experience and I began to take Stromectol at once. I don’t know if it was this drug that helped me, but this time it was much better. Surely, I felt weak for a couple of days, had a sore throat, but still it was better than last time. I think that Stromectol helped me to get rid of the virus very quickly.

  • PS
    Peter Sanders
    Verified review

    I bought Stromectol for my mom who had Covid. Happily, she got better 2 weeks ago. We were afraid of complications. So, I at once began to buy all the drugs that could help her. And Stromectol helped to make the treatment very easy.

  • MY
    Melnik Yura
    Verified review

    Covid is the worst thing that could happen to me. I was in a real panic, because I was very afraid of this virus. So, on the very first day, I visited a lot of forums and sites and found out that Stromectol could help me. When I received the drug, I got a bit calmer. To be honest, I was afraid of side effects, but I was still more afraid of Covid. Fortunately, everything was OK. Sometimes, I had headache and stomach upset, but I understood that these are not the worst symptoms. Treatment was really easy for me and I am happy that I learned about Stromectol.

  • RW
    Ryan Williams
    Verified review

    Maybe Stromectol is not a special cure for Covid-19, but it helped me. I don't know how it worked, but really, after I started to use the drug, I got much better. This is only my experience and I'm not saying it's the same for everyone. But if I'm not alone, that's great.

  • SA
    Stephen Anderson
    Verified review

    Stromectol has helped me with Covid-19. At least I think so. The first week I tried to fight the virus without drugs, but I got worse. And I started taking Stromectol. Surely, it was risky, but after 3 days I felt much better. I think it was a good decision to buy the pills.

  • AC
    Alexander Collins
    Verified review

    Hello! We’ve been using the Stromectol on a regular basis for prevention of intestinal infestations.

  • JF
    Jeffrey Foster
    Verified review

    I have recovered from scabies in just under 2 weeks. I recommend Stromectol.

  • KG
    Kathy Gray
    Verified review

    I was given a three weeks course for some sort of skin mite. Not sure where It came from. Now, there are no symptoms, but it makes me feel uneasy not knowing the source of it. Going for a followup soon. I’m glad the signs are gone.

  • GP
    Gabriel Parker
    Verified review

    I do recommend Stromectol. Scratching my arms was all that I could think about, Moisturizers helped a bit. Thank god it’s over.

  • SL
    Sandra Lopez
    Verified review

    I have contracted stomach parasites. After the initial treatment course, it has reappeared in my system in just 2 weeks. Maybe I was not following the course as it was intended, because I remember skipping the meds for several days. This substance definitely works if taken correctly.

  • NL
    Nichole Lee
    Verified review

    Hi! We took the course to get rid of Intestinal bugs that might have come from our pets. My husband has experienced many digestion side effects, and also it might have affected our emotional health, as we were constantly on edge. Other than that, there were no additional pains or anything like that, and we are clear of any parasites now.

  • PB
    Pedro Bergstrom
    Verified review

    Recently I discovered strange markings on my chest and some areas on my legs. I was diagnosed with scabies. The doctor has prescribed Stromectol but despite it, the symptoms were getting worse for some reason. Following another consultation with the doctor, we have decided to increase the dosage, and it turned out to be the right thing for me. Overall, the course has lasted 5 weeks.

  • JG
    Jacob Garcia
    Verified review

    To be honest, I was quite distraught after I’ve found out there is such a thing as parasitic skin mites. I though the treatment would involve some kind of skin graft surgery. Imagine my relief, when I was prescribed an easy 1-month course consisting of just pills. Thank you for this!

  • GS
    Garry Samwells
    Verified review

    Overall, I am satisfied.

  • AC
    Anthony Campbell
    Verified review

    My opinion for Stromectol is 4 stars out of five.

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