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Vigora reviews and testimonials

  • HM
    Horatio Morrison
    Verified review

    My dosage (50mg) suits me perfectly. This ED med is a real magic.

  • GP
    Gordon Pyle
    Verified review

    I use this drug every week for almost 6 months and everything is perfect during this time.

  • MW
    Morton Wallace
    Verified review

    My experience of using Vigora is super successful. I get a huge erection that lasts and last until I don't want (or my wife doesn't) sex. It's very useful for people of my age (63). Don't feel tired next day and zero adverses found

  • DJ
    Dylan Jarvis
    Verified review

    I tried Vigora last fall and now I use 50mg pills every weekend. Have rock hard erection at night and next morning. Aged 70, no major side effects experienced.

  • KD
    Killian Dunst
    Verified review

    What a dummy I was before. it was scary to try a 100mg pill. Now its my favorite dosage of Vigora. Effective and still safe.

  • BR
    Bernie Rogers
    Verified review

    My erectile dysfunction began 10 years ago. Then I was afraid to drink sildenafil. Today I can't imagine life without Vigora. With these pills, I completely stopped experiencing stress due to erectile dysfunction.

  • JF
    Josh Flint
    Verified review

    Vigora is able to make miracles. My penis gets hard right after I get aroused. I became young again.

  • JM
    Jason Muse
    Verified review

    Super medicine. I have been using Vigora for the last 3 months.

  • MV
    Malcolm Vallance
    Verified review

    Vigora saved my life. I took antidepressants for a long time, and they are a real setup, because depression also appears after them. Sex became my best antidepressant and Vigora gave me everything I needed for this.

  • PB
    Patrick Buchanan
    Verified review

    2 tablets of Vigora are enough for me to have sex all weekend. Now I am capable of prolonged sexual intercourse, what is a great deal in the age of 69.

  • NL
    Nate Livermore
    Verified review

    I have been looking for an effective inexpensive medicine for a long time and Vigora became exactly what helped me to overcome erectile dysfunction.

  • BH
    Brad Holmsgate
    Verified review

    My doctor advised me to use Vigora to improve my erection and reduce the symptoms of benign hyperplasia. One strike - two targets defeated. That's how effective medicine must work!

  • SF
    Steven Falque
    Verified review

    I don't like to compare medicines, because they suit all people individually. However, it seems to me that Vigora is much better than other generics. The price is favorable, the effect is fast and there are practically no side effects.

  • DB
    Davie Bruckheimer
    Verified review

    I used to always worry about my impotence. Today, taking Vigor has become a mandatory ritual for me.

  • PD
    Peter Dawson
    Verified review

    Vigora is that ED med that deserves your try. I use these pills several times a month to help my erection. I have a weak one. Vigora helps me to turn my penis into a real stone.

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